Advancing rural technologies for sustainable development


Advancing rural technologies for sustainable development
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Who We Are

The Sevas Centre for Sustainable Rural Technologies (SCSRT) is an initiative by the group of Entrepreneurs/Farmers/Experts/Scientists joined in the first Entrepreneurs meeting held on 4th January 2016, in the National Conference on Algal Technologies, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.

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What We do

SCSRT services confined to supply of algae and biofertilizers for research and development, student projects and internships and workshops on advanced biomass technologies. For more information visit our “What we Do” link

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Networking activities support the SCSRT’s own activities, and facilitates linkages with other organizations in other sectors, including government agencies. Ultimately, networking enable SCSRT to develop more effective and innovative programmes and projects. Email to for networking and associating with us.

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Work With Us

SCSRT volunteer programme was started to bring enthusiastic people into rural development. SCSRT volunteer programme helps students, faculty, scientists, corporate, entrepreneurs and researchers who want to gain hand-on work experience and engage themselves into a SCSRT services. Email to for more information.

Current Services

SCSRT services were confined to supply of algae strains, student internships/projects and workshops
Advancing Rural Technologies in India

Services include,
1. Supply of Spirulina sp., Chlorella sp., Dunaliella sp., Biofertilizer and Bioinsecticides strains for research, commercial and academic purpose.
2. Two weeks internship programme on advanced algal technologies and rural development for students, researchers and commercial in various selected topics. 3. Every second Sunday of Every Month, SCSRT offers Workshop on Advanced Algal Biomass Technologies for Students, Faculty and Commercial.
Email to for more information or visit our services link for more details.


Advancing rural technologies for sustainable development

Centre for Conservation and Utilisation of blue Green Algae (CCUBGA), IARI, New Delhi

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